Mapping Care

We are crowdsourcing spaces of non-traditional mental health care in Philadelphia. Do you have spaces in which you feel have a positive effect on your mental wellbeing? We invite you to take an anonymous 3 question survey here. The data gathered will form the basis for a web-based mapping tool that individuals can use to seek out alternative spaces in their local area.

Co-Design Workshops

An information sharing tool based on our year of listening and research with providers and advocates of mental health.

CRC is bringing mental health advocates and providers together to collectively identify information barriers impacting access to mental health care in Philadelphia.

Over the course of 90 minutes, we invite key stakeholders into our process to build strategies CRC can pilot using design, technology, and art making to support care providers in and outside the room.

We’ll be hosting 5 paid 90 minute workshops starting this Fall. Please reach out to us at to sign up. 

Information Barriers to Mental Health 

In collaboration with 15 UPenn master students, we are conducting qualitative interviews and focus groups to better understand how mental health information is shared. We are guided by a hope to build greater trust and accountability with community partners and providers.

It’s Not Always Sunny

It's Not Always Sunny (INAS) is a grassroots anti-stigma campaign seeking to listen for and honor the ways Philadelphians handle themselves on rainy days, when strategies of creative resilience show up in the lives of those facing the worst precarity in our city.

Study Archive

A growing critical archive of study  material and inspiration to promote greater dialogue and understanding around mental health.

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